Knauf Airless Spray Plaster

 Airless Spray PlasterAirless Spray Plastering

Ready-mix plasters are a rapid, cost-effective alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. Machine plastering is up to three times faster than traditional plastering methods and gives a superior result allowing us to complete large projects in a fraction of the time taken using conventional plastering techniques.

The spray plaster material boasts fire, acoustic and thermal properties that exceed traditional plasters and can be applied directly onto surfaces that would normally need a primer.

Key Features

  • Fast applied system – up to 1.000m2 per week can be finished by a three man team.

  • Supplied pre-mixed for spray application. There is therefore no need for on-site mixing thus reducing mess and the need for an on-site water supply.

  • Can be decorated after only 24 – 48 hours

  • Can be used on thin joint block systems, pre – cast panels, aircrete panels, concrete, brickwork, composite boards and refurbishment over previously decorated surfaces.

  • Different finishes available: flat & smooth, textured, leathered, combined or rollered

  • Can be applied by the same teams applying paint finishes

  • Fexible products – less likely to crack than plaster skim coats

  • Offers moisture resistance so suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and changing areas.

  • Water-based product, non-damaging to health or the environment