Colour Centre Bracknell, Warm Air Heaters

 Warm Air Heater InstallationThe Colour Centre are delighted with there new warm air heating system installed in the brand new branch @ bracknell.

The Colour Centre needed a solution to to heat their large, newly built premises is Bracknell. We installed two warm air space heaters in their warehouse and their shop front ensuring the whole space was consistantly kept at a comfortable temperature. 

We also installed a destratification fan to force the hot air produced by the heater that rises to the ceiling back down to the floor maiing the system work more efficiently and effectively. 

These two 15kw Powrmatic natural gas warm air heaters were installed at high level to avaid loosing valuble trading space on the shop floor. 

The client also specified frost protection was necesarry to stop their paint products from freezing during the cold winter nights.